Tired of all the "get-rich-quick" junk?
Want a realistic way to finally succeed online?


"Who Else Wants To Follow A Proven Step-by-Step Plan Created by an Internet Millionaire?"

"I won't promise you 'millions'. I won't promise you 'overnight riches'. I won't promise you 'instant wealth' without lifting a single finger. C'mon, let's be honest, here. That's just plain bull, if you ask me.

"As an Internet millionaire and 'recovering' attorney, I know. If you want professional guidance that's straightforward, proven and realistic, I will show you how to get from "ground zero" to whatever level of online success you're willing to work for. I have the system that works if you'll put in the time and effort to make it happen."

From Shawn M. Casey, Esquire
Written in Duluth, Georgia

Dear Friend,


et me ask you... Are you trying to "make it" on the Internet? If so, then you've probably already seen the worst the 'Net has to offer, right? Your experience so far may be like a lot of others out there.

You've been exposed to people who overstate their expertise and overstate their accomplishments, but... under-deliver the information, training, resources and support you need.

You've seen the pictures that are supposed to be their houses and fancy cars. But when you look closer, you can tell most of them are fake. They all look "too" perfect.

For the record: Yes, I live in a million+ dollar home in a prestigious country club community and I have 2 Mercedes cars in my garage. My neighbors are sport superstars, music recording artists and other successful business owners. Heck, three of my neighbors' houses have been featured on MTV Cribs show.

BTW - This is the same house I've lived in with my family for over 6 years because, unlike those other crazy stories of instant success, I've been cranking along on the Internet for more than 10 years. I've been successful for a long time.

That's part of why I know my system works - it's time tested. Not some hyped up fad that's already lost its effectiveness.

There is a "real" way to succeed online (and without the hypey, promise-filled, insincere, wacky and often deceptive claims) if you learn and follow my system.

If you're like most of the folks who visit my site, it's safe to say you're trying to make it online, or at least thinking about starting an Internet business.

Well, I Have Some Exciting News!

I have turned my best-selling online book, Mining Gold On the Internet into a simple course, including the book and new video training that walks you through each phase of getting your online business up and running as fast as you want to do it.

I've made my fortune working on the Internet. I left a lucrative position as CEO of a two-time Inc. 500 company to do it. I've worked — and succeeded — in both the traditional "job" arena and on the Internet

Do you know what I've discovered? As different as they may seem, the workaday world and the Internet world are not that far apart.

My system is based on best-practice business principles.

I discovered that web businesses and brick-and-mortar businesses work — and succeed or fail — under a similar set of rules. I don't believe in taking needless risks. I was schooled in the belief that a well-planned business should be profitable as soon as possible. I don't like wasting money. You probably feel the same.

So when I launched my web businesses, I spent months testing and perfecting 22 explosive selling strategies that were either free or very low cost. These strategies combined to bring huge sales for my companies each year over the last few years.

At first, I didn't set out to share this information with anyone except my staff. But so many people asked me for help in getting their own online business started that I knew I needed to do something for them.

I needed to "franchise my knowledge," so to speak. And to make it happen, I followed the same principle as McDonald's hamburger franchises...

The secret to McDonald's success is simple: They've made everything "dummy-proof." Their system is so simple that anyone can do it. They have a high turnover rate but the system works no matter how new and untrained the person is that's doing the work.

It seemed like a good idea, so that's what I did.

I put together simple explanations of my 22 strategies so anyone could learn them without any prior training or business experience. I formed them into short lessons, handed them over to my staffers, and waited. But I didn't have to wait long...

Every one of my untrained staffers grasped these concepts almost immediately!

It worked so well, that I discovered I really could reveal these 22 strategies to expose more of the power of the Internet to "regular people."

And That's Where YOU Come In,
But You Better Come in Fast...

The system worked so well that I decided to turn it loose on a small group of people outside of my staff. A small enough group that I could monitor them and watch their progress, but a large enough group to prove that you really can pass along success.

And it worked. Beautifully, in fact.

After receiving countless, raving testimonials, and having documented successes, I knew that 'Mining Gold' was a surefire winner!

However, since I originally released Mining Gold, I've refined my techniques and developed new ones. I've come across new strategies and breakthroughs that have made me even more. And I've decided to add them to the course and re-launched it for 2010!

Since I'm a big believer in results... No fluff or BS... Now I need to test it as I did before. I need a small enough group to "test it." So here's what I'm going to do...

I Need A Small Group to Test The System
And Help Me Prove - Again - It Works!

Here's why...

Since this is a re-launch of "Mining Gold on the Internet", I'm going all out to prove my system works. I'm sick and tired of all the doubters and skeptics who don't know what they're talking about, but they keep stealing the dreams of people who want to succeed online. These people are miserable and they want everyone else to be miserable with them. Enough already!

I know people can succeed online if they're willing to work at it. (Obviously, if you do nothing, you'll get nothing out of it.) I've proved it repeatedly over the last few years. And I'm going to prove it again.

That's why I'm inviting you to be part of special group because I need you to succeed as fast you're ready to make things happen. I want your success story so I can use it to silence the doubters and skeptics once and for all.

Here's my simple offer:

  • I'll give you the exact same strategies I use to be very successful online. Your results will obviously vary from mine. Your success will depend on what you do with the system.
  • I'll provide direct support from my full-time support team.
  • It's up to you to follow the plan, take action and choose the level of success you want!
  • Use the training and resources for the next 90 days. If you're not happy for any reason during that time, simply contact my support team by phone, email or our online 24/7 Help Desk and tell us you want a refund. We're return 100% of your purchase price that day. PLUS... we insist you keep the entire course as our gift just for taking the time to try it out. (Clearly - you win either way here.)

I'm so sure about your success that I will put my money where my mouth is and guarantee your satisfaction!

Interested? Don't need more convincing? Want to be sure you're one of the small group? If you want to get in on this deal, then click here NOW!

Get "Up and Running" As Fast As You Want To Get Started!

The whole idea of my course is to get you up and running as fast as you want. You'll get instant access to the course online. You can work at your own pace. If you just have a small amount of time, you can study and start working as you can. If you have more time available, you can dive right in today and kick things into gear whenever you're ready.

You have access to the course materials online 24/7 so you can use them whenever you want - as often as you want. You control the pace and the level of your success.

The course is based on the strategies I personally use in my business , and the concepts in my book, Mining Gold On the Internet.

You're here, so you probably already know about that book, and you already know that it is often recognized as a must-read standard for Internet marketers.

What I've done is boil down that book, plus all the new strategies I've developed and new breakthroughs I've found, into a simple step-by-step plan.

Read the course, follow the instructions, and you can succeed - as fast as you want to get started!

This course is designed specifically to help Internet marketers succeed:

  • If you have a business now you'll learn the steps to follow to take your business to a whole new levels of success!
  • If you don't have a business yet you'll learn to create income without the hassles of customer service, inventory, merchant accounts, refunds, or anything else!

Which one of these people are you?

Want in on the the first small group? " Then don't wait! Reserve your spot NOW!

Here Are Some of The
Secrets You Will Learn...

I call my system "Mining Gold On the Internet" because the web is like a goldmine. If you have the right tools AND know where to dig, you will extract all the gold you want... Anytime you want.

Which of these powerful secrets could YOU use to really supercharge your business?

bullet Get paid by advertisers. I show you, step-by-step, how you can get paid by advertisers to run ads in your free online newsletter or on your website.
bullet Get FREE advertising. You can have people selling your stuff at no upfront cost to you. (No, this is not some kind of "free-for-all" links junk.)
bullet Create effective joint-venture proposals. The course includes the actual email message copy I sent to prospective joint venture partners to get them to promote my products to their visitors, subscribers and customers.
bullet Stop gambling money without recouping your advertising investment. (And without turning a profit!) If you've got a few dollars to invest, these 6 low cost strategies can consistently return a profit on your advertising investment!
bullet The 16 hottest FREE strategies. If you don't have much money to get started, don't worry. You'll use these free marketing strategies to rocket your business from 0 to 60 — without spending a dime on advertising.
bullet The secret to using viral marketing. This simple, 100% free concept made Hotmail.comŽ a household name (and you can imagine how much its owners made). Now you can understand how to use the same strategy in your business.

Mining Gold On the Internet
Will Also Show You How To...

bullet Get paid for leads or sales you generate for other companies — WITHOUT the usual headaches of stocking products, fulfilling orders, etc.
bullet Discover dozens of companies that are paying big dollars right now! You can get paid as much as $50.00 for every lead you send them, and as much as 70% of the selling price! And all you do is drive visitors to their sites... That's it!
bullet Profit from my simple step-by-step checklist. Just check the boxes next to the steps you want to use. Then, follow the steps and start mining gold immediately. No waiting. No fussing around. No hassles.

What Does it Cost to Get Inside My Business
And Be Among the First Small Group?

Please realize this: many people have paid $3,500 for me to teach them these strategies and more in private workshops. Clearly, you're getting access to information worth thousands at a bare bones minimum.

But, I'm not going to charge you thousands or even hundreds of dollars.

I want to see a lot of people - like you - succeed and do it fast. So I know the price has to be reasonably affordable for most people, but still cover my costs of doing business and providing the full time support team that's standing by when you need help.

So you can get started today with my Mining Gold course for just $49.97.

Click Here to start "mining your own gold" right now.

PLUS... To Help You Get Going Even Faster,
You'll Get these Special Bonuses!

I want to make sure you have every advantage possible in your quest for online business success. That's why I'm adding in these exclusive bonuses that will help you kick it into high gear!

Bonus No. 1:
Special Report ($29 Value) How To Get Paid To Send Email To People Eagerly Waiting For It.

Now, with my powerful "list builder" technique you learn in my step-by-step goldmine system, you'll have the know-how to build a big list of email addresses.

Well, this Special Report takes you to the next level — and shows you exactly how to get paid every time you send an email to your list. (I use this tactic over and over!)

I'm sure you've seen the news reports about spam and all the problems it's causing people. That's NOT what I'm talking about here. This is email you're sending to people who have joined your list because you have something they want to know about.

Bonus No. 2:
Special Report ($27 value) How To Succeed Even If You're Starting From Scratch.

"Mining Gold On the Internet" is specifically written to show you the best techniques to use starting as a beginner.

But I know you might be struggling to make ends meet. You might not have a lot of money to invest in a business. That's okay! I've been where you are so I understand your situation.

Since I've gotten so many requests for steps the "little guy" can take to get started right away — very specific, 1-2-3 steps — that I wanted to break out this "extra" information.

In fact, if you're struggling financially and you're not sure how to begin, then you should read this Special Report first. You'll see the simple step-by-step plan you can use immediately. If you'll take action and follow the system, then you're going to love what happens!

This Special Bonus Package is worth $56!

And just about pays YOU to invest in "Mining Gold On the Internet!"


But the Golden Question is,
Why Should You Trust Me?

If this isn't the first marketing site you've come to, then I'd bet you're already more than a little skeptical about sending anyone money. I totally understand.

Sadly, many self-professed "Internet experts" or "gurus" never succeeded in a REAL business. They make all of their money selling rehashed "how to" information they compiled from other people's books and courses.

I know! I've bought a lot of worthless junk. Been there, done that.

Believe me, even though I'm a seasoned business strategist with an unbeatable track record, I still have to fight every day to avoid being painted with the same brush as the scam artists out there. It's disheartening... And incredibly frustrating.

Worst of all, it's more frustrating for the people who miss out on the "real deal."

Like I said before, the doubters and skeptics are stealing the dreams of those who want to succeed. I can help, but only if you'll let me.

I'm not some "rags-to-riches" story who got lucky but can't explain why. I've got a razor sharp grasp of market cycles, market timing and competition-crushing tactics — and a track record to prove it. I know why I succeeded and how to share it with you.

And I have something no one else has. In fact, I have 4 things...

4 Reasons You Should Listen to and Trust Me...

Reason 1: Even before the Internet craze, I was the CEO of Ron LeGrand's multimillion-dollar marketing empire, Success Development International. (Ron is a very well-known, very successful information marketer in the Real Estate business.)

I was instrumental in snowballing the company's growth, getting us ranked by Inc. Magazine as one of the 500 fastest growing companies in America — not once but for 2 years straight.

That is the kind of experience, business acumen and knowledge I bring to the table to help YOU succeed.

Reason 2: I've been making a full time living online for over 10 years now. That's pretty much as long as anybody and way longer than most.

Unlike those 20-somethings that seem to pop up day after day with the "magic" answers, I'm now 50 years old with 25 years of solid business experience under my belt.

My course gives you the benefit of my many years of experience. (A hidden benefit is that it could help you avoid many of the mistakes that I and others have made!)

Reason 3: Since 2000, people have flocked to my 3-day private seminars on business building, asset protection and tax planning — which constantly sold out at $3,500 per seat (or more).

Since releasing Mining Gold, I've been equally in demand as an Internet marketing expert. Believe me, customers don't gamble $3,500 (plus travel expenses) for just a bunch of hype. I'm not currently offering these workshops so you couldn't attend one at any price.

You get the advice of a legitimate high-priced expert for less than the cost of a good meal with your family.

Reason 4: I'm the author of several home study courses and I've sold thousands of them. Because of my record-breaking success online, Robert Allen (millionaire and New York Times bestselling author of several books) asked me to contribute to his follow-up of "Multiple Streams of Income."

His book, entitled "Multiple Streams Of Internet Income," became a New York Times Bestseller. It's an excellent book. When you check it out, you'll find my information on pages 81, 86, and 219.

You get strategies from a professional strategist who's in demand — even from other Internet experts!

And, I promise you — you're completely covered by...

My Unconditional Money Back Guarantee!

Reserve your spot today, download the manual, read the workbook, follow the checklist, watch the videos and claim your $56.00 bonus package.

Use my system for a whole 90 days. If you're not convinced that my techniques are everything I've said - and more! - or if for ANY reason you're not thrilled with my system, simply notify my support team by phone, email or post a request on my 24/7 online Help Desk and they'll process your 100% refund right away. No argument. No hassle. You decide if it's right for you.

Even if you do request a refund, I insist you keep the entire course and bonuses as my gift just for trying out the system.

"Mining Gold" delivers you the information, training and resources you need to become successful on the Internet.

Click Here to start mining gold right now.

Opportunity is knocking. Will you answer?

Dedicated to YOUR success,

Shawn M. Casey, J.D.
President, Mining Gold Corporation

P.S. — Remember, if you don't absolutely love Mining Gold, this program costs you nothing. But, you can't succeed if you don't get started. You may never have another opportunity like this to get the personal secrets from a millionaire.

P.P.P.S. — Don't forget the Special Bonus Package worth $56.00. It's yours FREE with Mining Gold On the Internet TODAY!

Click here to start Mining Gold right now!


I Urge You to Click Here Before it's Too Late!


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